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We stock and service a wide range of Brian James Trailers, including open, enclosed, plant, tipper and flatbed trailers.

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Our Trailer Ranges

  • Open Car Trailers

    Open Car Trailers

    Open car trailers with single, twin and tri-axle options

  • Enclosed Car Trailers

    Enclosed Car Trailers

    Enclosed car trailers available in six models and multiple configurations.

  • Plant Trailers

    Plant Trailers

    Heavy duty plant trailers designed for transporting plant machinery up-to 3,500kg

  • Tipper Trailers

    Tipper Trailers

    Incredibly robust Tipper trailers able to carry and tip meaningful loads.

  • Flatbed Trailers

    Flatbed Trailers

    Standard and compact flatbed trailers provide complete flexibility

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